Edge Data Centers are Strengthening our Control Over Time-Will Make Life More Meaningful

Time is the most important dimension of life. This is a universal truth that is beyond the limitation of location, time and circumstances. With birth our time starts and till death whatever we do, is within the realm of time. During every work, we spend a part of this time. In this way, time is such a treadmill on which we have to walk whether we want it or not, in other words we can say that time is life. Longer life span means more time and less in reverse.

Time is valuable because it cannot be increased like other resources i.e., money, man and machine. It is what it is. What we can only do is maximum and efficient use of it. The success of life can also be defined as efficient use and by this is the value of life.

Since the inception of civilization, man has been inching on the path of making himself more and more efficient in using time. Every discovery and invention of man, directly or indirectly, is to strengthen his control on time. Be it a weapon for hunting, a wheel for transport and then machines to do big things in less time, to using smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) all are different stages of these efforts. Through these, we are trying to control the time as much as possible.

The development of Information Technology and electronics has brought us to such a point today that we can do such things in a duration of a few seconds with a very lightweight smartphone that can be kept in the pocket, which used to take a whole day till a few decades ago. Going even further than this, today we are using machines working on Artificial Intelligence. Machines that can communicate not only with us but also with each other, have the ability to send and receive commands to each other through signals. These machines alone or in an organized manner, have the ability to perform any specified work or process on their own. Today, sitting at one end of the world, we are using these machines from turning on the geyser to turning off the ceiling fan at home, located at the other end. Through these, factories and large manufacturing plants are being run on automation and this enables us to run businesses from hundreds and thousands of kilometres away.

This seems very easy and simple but there is a very complex structure and process behind the scene. For this very big amount of data is processed and transmitted in the form of electronic signals & commands. This data is being travelled almost in real time, yet this process takes some time, even if it is micro or nano seconds. Today’s competition is for this time. We try to reduce this time to the minimum.

Today we have pilotless drones, driverless cars and highly skilled robotic surgery machines that can be controlled from another corner of the planet. But right now, we are not very confident to completely rely on them without human supervision. For using these IT based machines, we are completely dependent on the data and a latency of 1000th part of a second in the command, can cause irreversible damage. Be it capital transactions in the stock market or sending a message to air traffic control, commanding an aircraft flying beyond supersonic speed, a high-speed train or remote robotic surgery. In all such cases even a delay of a micro- second in the signals can become a matter of life and death. Apart from this latency, security and unwanted interruption or infiltration is also a big issue in such cases. Due to these fears, in spite of trusting such technology, we are still not completely comfortable using such machines.

The solution is Edge Data Centers. Through these we are making data transmission and processing very precise and reliable. They reduce the distance between the end user and the central data center and process data faster and securely. Because of this ability, in the near future, highly sensitive working machines and processes will be more trustworthy. This will be a big milestone step towards human victory on time. We can say that Edge data centers are network of expectations, through which in the near future, driverless cars will be running on the road, pilotless drone taxis in the sky, which will deliver the goods and people to the destination faster, without any mistake, doctors will perform robotic surgeries from thousands of kilometres away and factories and businesses will be commanded in a similar way. The control of IT will increase in every aspect of life and thus demand for data. Edge data centers are the only permanent and reliable solution to our ever-increasing data appetite.

Through these, life will become more accessible and convenient and also become more productive than ever before. Overall, the Edge data centers are by far the most important milestone in human’s attempt to control the time and very small units of time, micro and nano seconds are at stake. By winning over them, our control on the time will be stronger as well as more accurate, which will be decisive for our future