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Q- What is the edge in Data Centres?

A- In Edge Data centre, Edge represents the Edge of the data source & the term Edge Data Centre is used for Micro Data Centre that are located at strategical location that is close to the data source or where data is generated. It has the same functionalities and devices found in traditional data centres, but are enclosed in a smaller footprint.

Q- What Businesses can opt for Edge data centres?

A- Any kind of business whichever need data processing with low latency, more privacy and precise data delivery. It is not limited to the size of the organization.

Q- What is so special about Edge data?

A- Edge Data Centre provide IT Infrastructure or Data Processing facility, very close to the data source for faster, precise, secure and much reliable data delivery that make devices trustworthy. 

Q- Is Edge Data Centre budget-friendly?

A- Yes it is budget-friendly

Q- Is it better to rent a data centre or install an Edge data centre of your own?

A- Installing a data centre on your own will make your work quite hectic and it will be difficult for you to operate and manage a fully functional Data Centre of your own rather than giving all your database management needs to someone who has the industry expertise and also the well-equipped resources for all your data management needs so it will be more beneficial for any business to rent a Data Centre rather than installing it’s own.