The Rise of Indian SaaS Demand

The Rise of Indian SaaS Demand: Fueling Edge Data Centres and Transforming Businesses Indian SaaS industry to reach 26$ billion in revenues by 2026 (Report By- Chiratae Ventures and Zinnov ) In recent years, the Indian Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) industry has witnessed an exponential growth trajectory, positioning itself as a key player on the global stage. […]

How EDCs are building empowered foundation of the Future of IT

How EDCs are building empowered foundation of the Future of IT In today’s digital landscape, where data-driven applications and real-time connectivity reign supreme, the integration of edge-to-cloud technology has revolutionized the way data is processed, analyzed, and stored. At the forefront of this transformation are edge data centers, which have emerged as crucial infrastructure components […]

Edge data centers are strengthening our control over time

Edge Data Centers are Strengthening our Control Over Time-Will Make Life More Meaningful Time is the most important dimension of life. This is a universal truth that is beyond the limitation of location, time and circumstances. With birth our time starts and till death whatever we do, is within the realm of time. During every […]

Edge computing and 5G technology will be a boon for the capital market

Edge Computing and 5G Technology Will be a Boon for the Capital Market Whether it’s a stock market trade, online shopping, or any other online transaction, today, dependence on IT and data is increasing everywhere. Along with the speed, accuracy and performance of IT and networks, the pace of financial decisions is also rapidly increasing. […]