Revolutionizing Tech with Micro & Edge Data Centers. Faster, Secure, Sustainable Solutions for Tomorrow’s World.


As a brand of the VueNow Group, Linnurata is dedicated to providing Micro & Edge data centres designed to meet the needs of today`s digital world. As they are smaller and close to users, these data centres are ideal for delivering cloud computing resources and cached content.

Linnurata’s motto, “reshaping technology, reshaping life,” describes the company’s mission to revolutionize the way people engage with technology. Utilizing the power of Micro and Edge data centres, Linnurata allows for faster access to data and applications by bringing computing resources closer to users. Organizations and individuals can benefit from this by gaining more productivity, saving time, and functioning more efficiently. Moreover, with the ability to process data locally, Linnurata also provides enhanced security and privacy measures for sensitive information. This makes it an ideal solution for healthcare, finance, hospitality and government industries.

Linnurata’s Micro & Edge storage facilities are intended to be energy-efficient, which means they are environmentally friendly and reduce carbon emissions. This is consistent with the company’s mission to render technologies ethical and environmentally responsible.

Linnurata’s aim is to transform technology to make it more accessible, efficient, and sustainable. The brand is currently in an endeavour to build a better tomorrow for everyone through its products and services.