Our Brands

VueNow’s IT Infrastructure solutions drive limitless industry growth by breaking geographical barriers and unlocking endless expansion potential with varied brands.


As a brand of the VueNow Group, Linnurata is dedicated to providing Micro & Edge data centres designed to meet the needs of today`s digital world. As they are smaller and close to users, these data centres are ideal for delivering cloud computing resources and cached content.

Nube Grande

Nube Grande, a leading provider of data centres, offers decentralized prefabricated Edge systems that speed up networks and reduce latency By offering a comprehensive array of services, the company hopes to revolutionize data centre construction and management to help businesses meet their IT requirements with the highest level of accuracy and security.

Kalki Now

VueNow Group’s KalkiNow specializes in Edge and Micro Data Centers` network as a service, as well as network security and management. The company is focused on providing efficient, reliable and secure computing and networking solutions to businesses of all sizes. Providing customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of clients is what its team of experts does.