Networking is the heart of any data centre because if you don’t possess the network-related entities, you may not connect to the local area network, wireless local area network, wide area network storage area network, enterprise private network and more. 
In VueNow, we concentrate on all the major networks to run your data centre successfully. Take a look at the modes of networking we work for: 

Network Modes We Handle

  • For Connecting Hubs with DC

DC is a direct connect peer-to-peer way of file sharing where DC connects with the central hub and lets you download files from each other. With VueNow, you have a list of clients that are connected to hubs which makes it easier for your business to search and load files from other clients and gives you an opportunity to chat with them. 

  • For Connecting the Computer to Network Media

Our network interfaces let you connect seamlessly using your computer to the network media so that you enjoy smooth data flow when there is a supply of the low-level network.  

  • For Operating Bridges and Switches

Our trained professionals at VueNow will help in a smooth flow of your bridges and switches so that they keep on flowing the traffic between two or more network segments in a single local network. A network should work flawlessly if you want to have a smooth business data transfer from one entity to another. We help you achieve this!

  • To Forward Packets Between Networks

The router forwards the data packets on the computer networks and gives a direction to the internet. To have a steady data flow, you need to have a full management team that works on your behalf and VueNow does this job for you.

  • For Converting Data into Digital Format

Modems are another crucial part of data centres, and their regular maintenance is mandatory. At VueNow, we focus on checking the modems at a regular time intervals to ensure smooth conversion of data from a digital format.

  • For Controlling the Security Issues

To run your data centres at low risk, we measure the security of your data centres by continually doing a round of your location so that you confidently share your data without the discomfort of data transfer. We keep the firewall in check and protect it in case of failure.