Edge Data Centers are the new age ‘Goldmines’

Data is the new gold’ at first glance, this may seem like a phrase, but today it is a reality. Today data is more valuable than ever before and with every new day its importance is increasing in our life. We are in need of data for almost every aspect in life and the dependence on data is increasing rapidly, those days are not far when life without it would be impossible. Today, from getting up in the morning till going to bed at night, the Internet of Things, IoT devices are required for every small need. These devices require very high-speed connectivity to process commands without delay. A delay of 1000th part of a second, micro second and even smaller, a nanosecond can cause irreparable loss.

Today we are moving towards remote surgeries by a doctor sitting hundreds or thousands of miles away. In such a process, imagine that if there is a delay of micro or nano seconds in the command reaching the robot through which the doctor is performing the operation or delay in the camera signals may disturb doctor`s control, it can be a cause of life and death for the patient.

Similarly, delay in the traffic signal for the train can lead to a major accident. Similarly, delay of a nano second in the command for driverless car, drone and air traffic control can create a big havoc. On the other hand, at the time of processing of Fastag or entry in the metro, a very slight delay in each scan can lead to long queues of vehicles and passengers.

Edge data centers, being closer to the data source, reduce the distance between the central data center and the user, thereby reducing latency in the delivery of commands or data.

Thus, the presence of an Edge data center makes the device more accurate, reliable and trustworthy. With increasing trust and business competition, the scope and use of IoT devices is increasing rapidly.

Due to the technological development and investment in the telecom and IT sector, internet penetration has increased rapidly in small cities, towns and villages in the last few years, due to which the demand for data is also increasing there. To meet this demand, the need for Edge data centers is also increasing continuously. So, it is clear that if data is gold, then Edge data centers are no less than goldmines.