Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Kharour

(VueNow Founder & CEO @ VIL)

A technology maven, entrepreneur, and visionary, Mr. Sukhwinder Singh has over 25 years of technology, integration and media experience. He is a pioneer and expert in technology integration, setup and operations. He has developed a deep understanding of the Global and Indian Digital Infrastructure industry, and is leading the company in the quest to build India’s largest distributed compute network.


Mr. Rahul Bhargav

(VueNow Cofounder & Managing Director @ VIL)

An entrepreneur with interests in Information Technology, Publishing, Security and Agriculture, Mr. Rahul Bhargav has more than 20 years of professional experience. An MBA from Cranfield University, UK (2007), he is managing corporate fundraising for VueNow Infratech Ltd.


Mr. Nitin Srivastava

(VueNow Cofounder & Director @ VMSL)

Skilled at up scaling communication and network for developing relationships, Mr. Nitin Srivastava is adept at handling business fluctuations, implementing innovative practices and procedures to improve efficiency. His strong planning and project management skills enable the company to maintain its aggressive rollout plan.


Mr. Abhaydeep Mutti

(VueNow Cofounder & V.P. Marketing @ VIPL)

An experienced marketing communications professional, Mr. Abhaydeep Mutti has over 8 years of experience in media management, events and production in the Punjabi entertainment industry. An engineer by training and a technophile, he is leading VueNow’s marketing and awareness efforts.


Mr. V C Roy

(Director @ VIPL)

India’s broadband and DTH pioneer, Mr. V C Roy is a technology evangelist having more than 25 years of professional experience in applied technologies. A graduate in Mathematics (Patna, 1992) and an MBA (IIBM Patna, 1995), he is a former Advisor to TRAI, Government Spokesperson on CAS, Special Advisor to Internet Exchange, and has developed the DTH, Triple Play and IPTV market in India. He is leading VueNow’s corporate tieup efforts.


Mr. Yashwant Rane

(Director @ VMSL & VIPL)

An experienced real estate development professional, Mr. Yashwant Rane has more than 30 years of experience in infrastructure and logistics development. He has developed more than 1200 acres of prime commercial projects in the greater Mumbai area. His finance and project management skills are an invaluable asset to the company.


Mr. Arif Nisar

(Mentor, Vuenow Group)

Mr. Arif Nisar is a well known name in the media and news industry. He has more than 25 years of diverse experience in the field of news broadcasting and media, with top names in media sector. He has held senior management positions and has taken upon various aspects in media, content, editing, direction, investigative journalism, branding, corporate communication and many more.